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Days #89 - #95

LJ why do you ask me if I want to restore my post from a saved draft when you didn't actually save a goddamned thing? Thanks a bunch. I switch to posting from the web page, and this is how you treat me? I see.

Friday - Started and finished the cable pattern for the Sunday class. It's a 38 line cable pattern, but it works up super fast. Also, the most difficult cable pattern I've tried thus far. And, I managed to do the cables without a cable needle, which is a first, and I think I'm sold on the style, I may never use cable needles again.

Saturday - Just like Real AdultsTM Matt and I went and ordered a new floor for the second bedroom that used to be the 'dogs room' (dog kennels have been relocated). This'll be the bedroom we use for any foster kids, and we thought it was a good idea to replace the carpet. So we bought some good and sturdy, light bamboo floor. We'll want to get a big area rug before we put any new furniture (yet to be purchased) down though. Floor will be installed Monday after next (the 16th).

Sunday - Watched the "Back to Earth" Red Dwarf movie. Fun for fans, but less so than I'd hoped for.

Monday - Matt and I went to the "An Evening with Leonard Cohen" show. OMG! Amazing show. For a 75 year-old man he puts on a fantastic show. He gets down on his knees and sings, he dances around, and did 3 encores. So great. I also broke down and for the first time ever bought a shirt from a show. I bought the "Beautiful Losers" tshirt because I think it's awesome, and they're not selling concert merchandise online. (BTW: Recycled plastic tshirts are amazingly soft. All shirts should feel like this.)
Tuesday - Stayed home because my entire face and neck were stiff and I had a massive migraine and horrible sinus pressure. Tried to work, ended up going back to bed and sleeping for four hours. When I nap it's hardcore. Felt better after the 'mini-sleep' (as Matt calls them) and eventually went up to the Library to teach my Knitting 102 class. Only had three students show up, but I think I taught them a lot.

Wednesday - After Midnight Project / Halestorm / Chevelle concert. Great show. I'd never heard of After Midnight Project, but they weren't bad at all. The lead singer is a giant compared to his band mates and he's the son of the dad from "My Two Dads" that wasn't Paul Reiser - the fun one. (Anyone else watch that show as a kid?) Halestorm puts on a great performance, and Lzzy is a good frontwoman. At one point, they band left Arejay to his own devices at the drums and he just pounded on them for a few minutes and then they brought out mini-sets and they had a little drum circle moment. Pretty cool. I tried to take a picture, but the stage lights were not cooperating with me. I've got the pictures on Flickr and when the web is being nice to me again, I'll try and post one.

Thursday - Annoyed our mail lady at the post office. I went in to get some boxes, and she was like "We don't supply everyone (*HUGE SIGH*)" Then she goes to get the boxes for me because they do have them, and said, "You know you can order these online...they'll bring them right to you." But seriously? I didn't ask for 80 boxes or anything, I asked for two of two different sizes - 4 boxes total. Must've just been one of those kinds of days.