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Days #66 - #70

Wednesday - Tried out Google Wave for the first time.
Went to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. No dice. But the nice genius told me about a place I could get the glass fixed for much less than replacing the phone.

Thursday - Added sit-ups to my 100 pushups routine. It's killer on the abs, but probably good for me.

Friday - Took the phone to @missionrepair to get the glass replaced. They did it quickly. Unfortunately, it resulted in few less sensitive spots - I really have to try to push some buttons. :(
Also, the giant wooden crate of Squeeballs landed on my doorstep.

Saturday - Learned that if you tweet a message containing Robocop on Twitter, you'll get a reply stating "I'd buy that for a dollar". Fun stuff. Gaming group got together to do a play within a game for Pathfinder's Council of Thieves path. Like all of my theater experience, I got to be background art, instead of getting a speaking part. But, it was still fun.

Sunday - I learned that I'm not as good at remembering all of my beginning knitting students as I'd like to be. I suppose it's the quiet ones that pick up quickly that I can't always place when they take my classes again.