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Days #62 - #65

Saturday - Started playing Evony. Despite it's poor advertising choices, it's a fun (if slow) MMO RTS. Also managed to suck Matt into the game as well. We're boring RTS people.

Sunday - I sat down and wrote my very first bellydance combo. I had this really great idea for a Warrior Weekend combo (WW will be in April) and after thinking about it all week, I finally think I figured it out enough to write it down and finish it up.

Monday - Awesome story for Monday. I went to Target to drop off a prescription for my antibiotic so I can get rid of this stupid sinus infection I have. While waiting for my prescription to be filled, I went to the store restroom. While using the restroom, I hung my purse on the door, because there wasn't a hook. As I was leaving the stall, my purse decided it didn't want to live anymore, and took a dive for the floor. Everything inside the purse was fine with one (very expensive) exception: my iPhone. The glass is cracked and chipped all around the power button. It's still usable, and the touchscreen works despite the cracks, but ouch. The AT&T store guy (a tiny and incredibly cute and nice gay boy) told me I could buy a new one with a $200 discount, or I could wait the 6 months until it's time to upgrade, or I could test my luck at the Apple store.

Tuesday - Did you know that to visit the genius bar at the Apple store you have to make a reservation? Luckily, nice AT&T boy made one for me, but it just meant I had an appointment to stand around and wait. And, it was a pointless trip. $200 to fix, or $300 to upgrade. But the 'genius' told me about a place in town that'll just replace the glass for $100, but it's out by my office, which is a bit of a drive when I'm working at home. So tomorrow or Thursday, I plan to swing by and see about getting it fixed.


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Oct. 13th, 2009 07:51 pm (UTC)
Good luck with the sinus infection and the iPhone repair!

So, have you "saved your Queen" yet? ;) (Sorry, I've read the Evony FAQ as well as their ads, but I just had to ask!)
Oct. 13th, 2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
Yeah, their advertising definitely leaves a lot to be desired.
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