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Days #34 - #38 - Dancing, Crafts & Writing

Saturday - I had the three ladies I'm dancing with in a few weeks over for a practice. I skipped out on the concert I wanted to go to because I needed some time at home, and I ended up silkscreening the rest of the shirts we got for the Bellydancers Ball.

I'm really finding that I like silkscreening, and as soon as I'm done with the Ball shirts, I'm going to try and do some more GamingAngels shirts, and then maybe finally open the Etsy store so I can sell some stuff. I've got a couple of blockprints that I really like from when I was in high school, and I could probably turn them into screens too. Like I need another crafty thing, but yeah...

Sunday - Taught the Felted Oven Mitt class for the first time. I had it on the schedule in the fall, but it didn't fill. It was a bit of an exercise teaching it, because there wasn't a pattern to give the class, so I'm going to have to do it myself.

Monday evening I was able to finish a second Baktus scarf with some random metallic type yarn I had sitting around from a swap. I'm trying to stash bust those random skeins I have lying around. The girls and I also got to practice our La Camisa Negra number after class in the evening, and I think we're doing a pretty good job.

Tuesday - I've really been thinking about getting some of my writing going again, especially as NaNo creeps closer and closer. So, I'm trying to breathe some life back into creativefantasy.

Wednesday - Today I decided to sign up for spook_me