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Days #16 & #17 and Scary Movies

So yesterday (Tuesday) Matt and I had our first (of 10) Foster Care classes. It was definitely an interesting experience, and an interesting mix of people. And then there's the ton and a half of paperwork we had to bring home to fill out before week 3's meeting. The questions are not all easy.

Then last night, I watched Funny Games (Tim Roth, Naomi Watts, Michael Pitt). OMG. What a fun cheesy thriller. If it hadn't been like 2 in the morning and a weeknight, I might've just started it over and watched it again. Seriously, more movies need their bad guys to communicate with the audience. I might have more coherent sentences about this later.

Today, I got a chance to play in the Champions Online open Beta. Nothing too spectacular.

Piper decided to go on walkabout in the dark again tonight. We're not sure why she's doing it, but I had to take the car out and drive around to find her. She came straight to me in the car, despite the fact that if we were just calling for her, she probably wouldn't come to us. It's really frustrating.

But I just finished watching The Strangers (Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman) (even though I seriously considered watching Funny Games again) and I really enjoyed it as well. Maybe my tolerance for scary movies is going down, but as far as thriller horror movies go, it was pretty well done.