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Maybe a record.

Four, count them four new Cds today. And for less than I've spend on the other trips I've made. And bands...I actually bought four cds of bands, or singers, and not compilations...I'm mighty proud.

Sarah McLaughlan - Surfacing
Nightwish - Wishmaster
Nightwish - Ocean Soul
Zeromancer - Eurotrash

Yes, it's true, I caved and bought a Sarah McLaughlan cd. For one song...one silly song, am I'm not converting to it either, I just felt the need to have the cd...besides, I got it for free. The reason I love CD Warehouse...Steve...and the "buy 10 used cds, get one free" thing, hence the free cd. And the other three I bought for $6.99 a piece...you really just don't get deals like that often...I couldn't resist. They were each marked a dollar more a piece, but Steve marked em down for me...super cool, Really.

I got my John William Waterhouse calender in the mail today, it's so pretty, and purple...and the pictures are just awsome...I'm in love. There are two, count them (I know you won't) two! Ophelia pictures in my calender. Joy. Little things.