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Days #14 & #15

Yesterday I ran my very first 4E adventure. (From my brand new Dungeon Delve book.)

Today, I ran a training/overview session on some applications I'm not very familiar with. It was done with some help from a guy at work who knows a lot more than me about the applications. It was a frustrating project, because the testing environment has been down consistently recently, meaning we had to do the overview in the live/production environment. (A la Bill O'Reilly's "We're Doing it LIVE!").

And then tonight, as Matt and I were fixing up Jazz's ears with all the stuff the vet gave us for his ear infections, Piper decided to jump the fence in the dark. Meaning we spent 40 minutes wandering the neighborhood looking for the goofy dog. *sigh* Luckily, we found her and she was safe and unharmed.