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Days #9 & #10

Wow, 10 days. Feels a little like progress...

Yesterday was kind of a boring day. However I did have some bubblegum ice-cream from Whitey's thanks to the crew that drove back from GenCon via Davenport. :) Also I played G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra on the PS3 and tried to do enough in one night so I could send in some feedback to the PR rep.

Today was a busy work day, and I don't feel like I got a lot done. However, we did get a chance to play "Once Upon A Time" one of the games I bought at GenCon. It's a storytelling card game where the players have to tell a story using the ideas on the cards in their hand. Some messed up stories came out of the few rounds we played. We also played Kragmortha, one of the Mayfair board games I picked up on their clearance rack. It's got 'punishments' that the players have to perform during the game - like holding a card on your shoulder, or keeping your tongue stuck out.


So, here's a question...why does the trailer for the next season of Heroes look like the opening credits of a soap opera?