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In my sleep

Yesterday morning, as Matt was leaving for work, he woke me from a dream. I was dreaming that shadowfell and I were in a car and she was trying to pull across all of the highway lanes to get to an off-ramp. And at the same time Matt was telling me that he was leaving for the morning, I rolled over and with my eyes still closed, I told shadowfell in the dream, "You're not supposed to do that!" Fortunately, I was pretty calm about it in the dream, so I didn't scream it at Matt, but I did say it out loud. I managed to wake up enough to realize I'd said it out loud, and tell him goodbye. It was a pretty weird moment, because I don't often talk in my sleep - or at least not that anyone can tell me.

Last night was our last class rehearsal before the performance on Saturday. I'm going to go to the dress rehearsal tonight all in costume, and hair - provided I can figure out how to fix my hair for Saturday - and hopefully practice with some new people, just to make sure it's all in my head. I find I'm good at home, and I'm good in class, as long as we're all in our usual places. But when we change it up, I find I get off a little, or forget little bits. So, I figure trying it with new people will give me a chance to get in different practice.



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Jul. 21st, 2009 06:47 pm (UTC)
Well, sometimes I like to think I'm driving in Texas somewhere...
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