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I have lots of words.

Sometimes, things make me so mad I have no words. This is not one of those times. For this specific instance, I have lots of words. Lots and lots of words. (What I don't seem to have is an anger appropriate icon...must be remedied - got any good ones? Gideon is pissy, but not angry enough.)

I've talked about this before, but something new has been brought to my attention and I want to talk about it again. I may or not make this public - depends on how many people I want to find it. I really don't need a bunch of chuch people from around the web coming and yelling at me about this, but it needs to be said.

So, the private Baptist school I went to had this pastor (a former Kansas City, MO detective). He wasn't our principal, although for a while, he did teach our Bible class. Sometime during my senior year, our pastor starts teaching sunday school services about demonology, possession and oppression by demons and spiritual warfare in general. These classes continue, even after I've graduated and moved on. Then, about a year after I left the school, (while my siblings were still at the school) our pastor's wife shot and killed her daughter (for wanting to move out of the house at 24 and live her own life - she wanted to move to the local seminary for college, and have her own place) and then herself. This happened about 8:30am on a school day, and the shots were loud enough to be heard across the parking lot which is all that separated their house, and the school. The gun used was the pastor's service pistol from his time with the police in KC.

For the following month, the teachers, preachers and parents at the school were in a state of shock. However, at one point, the faculty though it was a good idea (and not being there, I'm not sure which teachers were involved) to bring the kids together to tell them what happened. Their explanation, we later heard from my junior high aged brother was that the daughter was possessed by a demon, and that's why she wasn't listening to her parents wishes for her to remain at home. Her mother had figured this out, and was trying to help her daughter, when she realized what she'd done, she took her own life. For any sane and logical parents, this was about the time they started pulling their children out of the school. Sadly, the loss of students wasn't enough for them to have to shut down. However, the pastor left the church and a new one (a guy that was pretty new to the school and church in general) was instated in his place.

Shortly thereafter (I'm guessing about the time the police decided he didn't have anything to do with either shooting), the pastor decides to leave town. Within a year, he's living in Iowa and has remarried (to a woman he'd had no prior - that we know of - contact with). His first wife and he had been high school sweethearts, and had married soon out of high school. The daughter he lost was the youngest of two girls. The eldest had recently moved back to KC with her husband and first child, where of course, her husband was immediately hired as a teacher at the school - despite having no prior experience teaching and having to first fire the teacher that was already employed in that position. (I'm still a little bitter about that.)

Anyhow, it's now nearly 9 years later (almost 10) and today, my mom shared with me that she'd found some mentions of this pastor online. He tried, unsuccessfully, to run for State Senate in Iowa, two years ago. Now, he's gotten a doctorate (I'm guessing from the bible college he and his wife have taught out and attend church at), and is an evangelist. He travels around the country preaching on spiritual warfare. The pages that list him as a Senate canidate only mention that his previous wife has 'passed away', and no mention of his time at my school - despite the fact that he preached there for close to 20 years, after his time in the police service. Of course, no mention of this black mark on his history is mentioned anywhere.

Instead, he's applauded as a great preacher, one with extensive knowledge about counseling and healing broken families. And of course, best of all his knowledge of spiritual warfare. Although I doubt that he mentions the death of his daughter or wife much in those sermons. I'd have to listen to them to know for certain, but that's not something I really plan on doing. I've heard most of them before, and it makes me physically ill to think that he's still teaching this disgusting crap to people. Believe what you will about the forces of the universe for good or ill. But I've had some pretty first hand knowledge with how this crap works (some of it with this man), and it is just that. Crap.

If you want to listen - but I warn you not to listen for long, lest it make you angry. Here's the page my mom found with the whole set of his sermons on spiritual warfare. I'm making this an anonymous link, so it doesn't link back here when you click on it.

Feel free to ask me questions - I'm still upset about finding this, so I'm not sure how well I've explained everything here. But I'll share my experiences if people want to know and don't already.

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Jul. 20th, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC)
yikes. that makes my manipulative church experiences seem like a day at the park.

my first reaction was "dude, this guy needs to be exposed! there needs to be attention on this so all those people who are following him blindly don't get led right off a cliff!" but then i realized that the vast majority of them would look at the story and see it as a sign of dedication. like a sacrifice or the "demons" were so against him that they took his daughter and wife. and if satan himself is offing your kin, you must be doing something right!! *sigh*

there's no winning with this sort of situation, i guess.
Jul. 20th, 2009 09:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, those were my thoughts too. I want to call the churches and tell them what this guy really is like. And then, I had the same realization. This is just the sort of catalyst that they'd accept. Of course he knows what he's talking about, they took his family. *sigh*
Jul. 21st, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
people will believe what they want, and some times they'll believe so strongly it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. it's an easier answer than the real one they can't deal with.
Jul. 21st, 2009 02:25 am (UTC)
@_@ sound like a bunch of crap to make himself famous or rich.

Just because a child wants to move out at 24 and start her own life doesn't mean she's possessed, it means she's growing up and it's inevitable. She's going to leave. He needed to get his home in order before preaching to others.
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