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Happy bloody new year.

Went to darkpriestess house for New Years Eve. Had fun watching them all turn in to bumbling goofballs after midnight. Next years, I shall go toting a camcorder to taunt them with at a later date. Didn't stay the night though. I didn't get much sleep the night before, so I went home at 1am and went to bed.
I saw Two Towers for the third, and probably final time before they add the trailer for Return of the King. I only went again, because I discovered that the free ticket I recieved when I bought the extended version of FoTR was expired after yesterday. So I went with Emily from work, almost fell asleep three times while watching it, and then headed out for NYE.

I was generally disappointed with myself for New Years, as I have been every year since I've been old enough to celebrate without the parents. It's just depressing as hell to think about another year, especially when it starts off in the middle of a crappy attitude. I mean, the way things are going right now in my life, I can't be too excited about the new year bringing new and exiting things to my life. Although, I'm trying to busy myself with other things as not to get too down. Cleaning, as much as I hate it, works wonders for my emotions. It's the whole Virgo, organizational idea. When I get my mind set on cleaning, and organizing, everything else goes out the window, and when I'm done, I feel better for having accomplished something and forget why I was depressed. I haven't started my cleaning jaunt yet, hence the craptacular attitude right now.

I thought this part might get long, hence the cut.

I'm working on a few things right now, so I wanted to create myself a little list/explanation of things to do. I've no idea when OfficeMax is going to decide to actually schedule me for full time hours, so I've got the time right now to get some things done. Although not activitely looking for a job at the moment, first on my list of things to do, is work on my resume, and get it posted online, wherever possible. This list is of general things, that will take time, but need to be done soon. An immediate to do list will follow, as well as an extended forcast with other projects in the works, like my site and such.

I have also absolutely got to sit down and do my thank you cards. I know I'm awful at this, but it's got to be done. I bought the cards, I just dread having to write them.

I'm also in need of getting all my bills squared away. For a person that likes organization this is one of the things I can't manage to keep well. I mean, things get paid, and usually on time, but, I don't keep everything in one place, I don't keep it written down when I pay online, and right now, I've no idea what's due when.

There's a picture from the show that everyone loved, and in order to make an adequate amount of money from it, I'm going to scan it, and sell prints, instead of originals. It's on my site, under traditional media, called Government Bldg. I also need to figure out pricing for it, because I've no idea what to charge, and I need to get that down for originals and prints both.

::: To Do ::: Travel :::

I bought this pair of khaki pants with some of my graduation money, but I didn't try them on, and now they have got to go back to the store, and probably soon since I bought them two weeks ago.

At the end of semester I was still unsure of what ceramics were going into my exhibit, so I left them all packaged in a box in the ceramics lab, and now that the exhibit is over, I need to go extract them, and I was too lazy to do it when I knew Tom would be there, so now, I've got to make an extra trip.

I still have two Chrismas presents left to distrubute, luckily their for the same person. Now, this would have been done before, but I didn't get them until Christmas Eve, and she went out of town that day. I'm thinking she came back today, so hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to deliver Niki's presents in a resonable time frame.

The green car I'm driving has issues. It's really a good little car, but like most cars that are ten years old, it's got problems. I've got to take it to CarX sometime soon and get the brakes looked at. They squeak, and I got them done there, and the pads have a lifetime warranty, so if that's the problem, it should be easy to fix. But like most of my car problems, I'm guessing this too will not be so easily fixed. Plus, the tires on that thing are slowly dying. They have little to no tread left on them, a really sad thing for tires to lose. Which means at some point I have to conjure up some big strong man my mother trusts to take me and the car for new tires. I'd do it myself, but she doens't trust my opinion when it comes to cars, nevermind I've been messing with them, and fixing the minor problems myself for years now.

I'm also in need of another haircut. It's sad. I got it cut the day before Thanksgiving, but it's just not cooperating with me. It didn't get cut right in the back, and it's growing out, and funky. Yes, it's already growing out, my hair really does grow that fast.

::: Extended Projects :::

A new idea came to me last week sometime for something to work on. I was up late/early one morning and decided that my search through religions, and creatures, and belief systems would be a lot more fun for me, if I started recording it on to a website. So, I made a main page for it, and now, when I get time, I'd like to expand it. This is really open for anyone that's interested in this stuff, if you have anything to add, or something you'd like to see there, if I can get it, I'll add it. You can go look at the the main page, here.

In the website tradition, I've just found my photography from classes last year, and before, and they badly need to be scanned, and added to the site. I'm feeling a bit that my site isn't quite as varied in media as I'd like. I'm also needing to borrow a nice digital camera and photograph my ceramics and couch to add to the site once I get my ceramics back from the lab.

The Friday Night site is also in need of a proper update. I'm trying to keep up with the adventures to the best of my ability, but there's so much to that site that needs done, I really need to keep on this.

So, enough of all that.
I refuse to make a resolustions list, because it always fails. I like to do lists, better, because they're usually things that I know I can lax on, and make up later. Worrying about a diet, or a promise to myself about something always makes me more stressed at the beginning of a new year than I need to be. I've got enough things going on right now (obviously) and I don't need to add to it. I've enough gray hair as it is, and I don't feel like adding to it.

Good night kittens. Be well.
Enjoy your New Year. I'm going to clean my room now, and hope I don't get attacked by a migrane.