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Minnesota and Omaha

So, I've been gone for a while - first weekend before this one I was in Minnesota visiting the lovely mugmoni , got to hang with arletta  and meet corkbutt .  It was a great weekend, and as usual, I didn't have enough time with them.  It's a bizarre feeling though, because the trip there and back is so short by flight that being home mid-Monday I just didn't feel like I'd left a different state, more like I'd just driven across town, and it seems wrong somehow that I can't just drive for 15 minutes or so to see them again.

Then, I worked for a few short days, before driving up to Omaha on Thursday.  Seriously, everyone should get to hear some of these guys speak.  Big Omaha is specifically a conference for web entrepreneurs (or as Jason Fried would rather we call them "starters").  But, even if you don't know anything about the web, or programming, or want to en entrepreneur, there is a lot of merit in listening to guys like Ben Rattry (of Change.org) or Gary Vaynerchuk (of WineLibraryTV.com) or Micah Baldwin (of Lijit.com) speak.  Because they're talking about stuff that goe above being in the web business, they're talking about life.  It was pretty amazing.  Overall, it was a great experience.  Thursday night there were a few mixer/party type things with a live taping of Gary Vee's show for WineLibraryTV and all day Friday was just back to back speakers with a lunch and dinner events.  The only things I didn't do was the first pre-event party Thursday night - because I was still driving into town, and the late Friday night party at Nomad - because I wanted to get home at a reasonable hour.  I'll have a more complete write-up about what each guest talked about on GA tomorrow.  But I'll admit it's going to be pretty glowing.  The only speaker I didn't like sadly, was Adriana Gascoigne from Girls in Tech.  I like GiT as an organization, and GamingAngels has a good relationship with some of the members in LA, but she just wasn't a strong speaker.  She didn't have a good presentation, and she didn't really answer questions well.

This coming weekend is the ChickswhoClick conference here in Kansas City which I'm looking forward to.  I don't think it's going to meet the same standard that something like Big Omaha set, but I'm hoping that it's worth the price of attendence.  It's Friday and Saturday downtown, so hopefully I'll still get some semblence of a weekend.  Even with the trip to Omaha and getting home on Friday - my weekend felt kind of crappy because I felt so awful yesterday and today.  The medication the doctor gave me has run out, and until the doctor tells the pharmacy to renew it, I'm feeling a lot of pain.  So much so that this morning I was trying to ponder whether it was more or less pain that before.  I think it's probably the same levels I was feeling before the anti-seizure meds, but having been on them for a month now, I was definitely feeling the difference something fierce.

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