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...to someone very special. Miss saskya  I hope you have a wonderful day.


I did a whole write up on my startup weekend experience over at GamingAngels if anyone is interested, you can read it here. But off the record so to speak, the whole weekend was fantastic, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If you've got any interest in it whatsoever, even if you're not a designer or a coder or whatever.  Sign up as a cook and just hang out and throw out ideas.  There's a place in every team for someone that wants to be there, and it's so worth giving up a weekend for.  Next time there's one in KC I'm going, and if they do any nearby, I might be willing to travel a few hours to do it again.  Also, check out my group's finished product <a href="http://www.topchirp.com">topchirp</a> - we took that from idea to completed coded and designed product in a weekend.  That's pretty cool to me. 

Matt attended the weekend and chose a different team than I did.  His group, CovalentBonding won second place on Sunday night after the presentations.  I think that's prettty awesome, and it's such a strong product it's possible they'll sell it, or get some venture capital to keep it running.  I know both his group and mine liked working together enough that we're keeping in touch and will hopefully work on other projects together in the future.  Which is really the whole point of the weekend. 

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Apr. 29th, 2009 07:33 pm (UTC)
Very many and much hearts for you! Thank you!
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