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Busy Times: Startup Weekend KC

I've signed up to teach about 10 more classes between now and the middle of August at Urban Arts + Crafts.  Even if I never finished my second level certification for teaching knitting, I totally love that I started it just for the teaching gig I landed because of it.  I got a really sweet note from one of my students recently - she's moving out of town, but wanted me to know how much she enjoyed learning from me.  It just made my day.  

Amidst that, I'm really trying to beef up my knowledge of social media.  I think from a career perspective, it's something I'm good at keeping track of, and obviously something I can do on a regular basis.  I'm excited for this weekend - Matt and I have signed up for Kansas City's Startup Weekend, which should give me plenty of project management experience and help introduce us both to some contacts in the career areas we're interested in.  And, if we're lucky, one of the ideas from this idea will stick and something might come out of it.  I'm going to Minnesota to vist mugmoni over the first weekend in May, and when I get back I'm going to drive to Omaha for the BIGOmaha conference.  I'm hoping to start meeting some of the people in social media both here in Kansas City (there's more of them than I expected) and see if I can't start moving in that direction. 

I mean, a lot of what I've learned doing GamingAngels is that I really love the new interactive technology - even if all my girls don't adopt it for their own use - it's fun to see what weird website ideas people can come up on their own.  

And for you writers out there - while looking up Startup Weekend stuff in other cities, I found this website: http://skribit.com/ which is a great breaking writers block resource.  I can only hope that there's similarly good ideas out there this weekend.

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Apr. 23rd, 2009 05:00 pm (UTC)
So jealous about the mugmoni bit. *pout* MK is going to MN this year also, but because of dogs [and my feeling trapped and surrounded by people that i can't escape from....] I'll be staying behind.

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