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So, uh, this is all true.

I have a stupid bank. So I went and took out ten dollars from my account this afternoon because I didn't have money for ice cream. The bank said I had less than five dollars in my account which was very wrong. So I called my bank's automated service, and it said I had over a hundred dollars, which would be more accurate after my deposit friday, but the bank also said I hadn't deposited anything since earlier last week.
And they wonder why I don't know how much money I have? How am I supposed to know if they don't? That's so annoying...

I took some pictures today.

Bought some string and bamboo skewers today. Starting working on a god's eye. I'll have a picture as soon as I get one to a happy point. I've already made one, and taken it apart, because I didn't like what it turned out like. Eh.
All I have left is everything this week it feels like. At least I've also scheduled in some relaxment for myself too. Hope it helps.


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Dec. 12th, 2002 09:41 am (UTC)
Nice picture.. yousa purty!! *steals them for masturbatory material* mwahahaha... *is Cherith's official on-line stalker*
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