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Yay! and more random knowledge

Zemanta works for me at work - as long as I'm using Firefox. Still don't know why it won't work for me at home though. :(

Saw another interesting VSL: Science article recently about that 'tip of the tongue' moment when you lose a word or a phrase that you're looking for. For a long time people had assumed that it's something that happens between your brain's memory and ability to speak - that we lose the ability momentarily to say whatever it is we just thought of. Well, according to a new study - deaf people using sign language often experience the same sort of phenomenon. This leads researchers to believe that it's not a relationship between the sound and the meaning of the word or phrase, but an actual loss of the word/phrase itself. In theory this supports the believe that the meaning of the word and the sign or sound for it are stored in separate places in the brain, and sometimes our brain misplaces one or the other.

Despite the name, I hadn't realized that ASL would differ that much than sign language from another country. But apparently, it does.

Like every other language I've tried to learn, I only remember the alphabet, numbers and a few small simple words in sign language. When I was younger, my brothers and I attended this summer day care where there was a deaf girl the same age as one of my brothers. I was probably in fourth or fifth grade at the time, and sign language really appealed to me, and I badly wanted to talk to that little girl. So, she and her parents taught me some signs, and I borrowed books from the library to learn more. It's the only language I've tried to teach myself - and I'm surprised that any of it has stuck with me through the years.

I wonder too, if what happens with those that sign is similar to what happens when we type - I know frequently I'll be writing something, and it won't come to my fingers to actually type out. If the sign can be stored elsewhere in our brains and lost, I wonder then if the keystrokes - or key placements can be momentarily misplaced as well.