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Home again, but tired

So flights home from Vegas were good, despite the four and a half hour layover in Denver. Besides, it gave me a lot of reading time; I finished one book in the airport and another on the plane home. CES was one of the craziest experiences though - it's ginormous and there is really something for everyone to see. Not to mention, it's in Las Vegas, which if that place doesn't have something for you, nowhere will.

I got to meet some really cool people in the gaming industry, some who are just cool to know, and some who are both cool and useful to know. Friday night was a big party put on by Capcom, where they but the new Resident Evil game (RE5) up on the side of the Planet Hollywood building out by the pool on the 6th floor. It was a little too cold to enjoy the neatness of the event, but there was an indoor party afterwards with good food, and neat people. I don't think many people on my flist play Gears of War (2) so, name dropping serves no purpose, but lets just say I partied with some cool guys involved with the game.

One of the things I find really interesting about a party/situation where I get to meet these guys is that, I'm not their typical market fan. So, while I'm a fan of their work, I'm not the typical fanboy standing around gaping at their awesomeness - which they seem to appreciate. Also, as an aside, CES is one of the only conventions I've been to where the women's bathroom is empty, and the mens room has a line around to the outside.

I posted several pictures from my phone while I was there, which showed up in my crazy Twitter postings from Vegas. Unfortunately, I didn't take any non-cell phone pictures while I was there, it just got to cumbersome to carry anything more than what would fit in my pockets. Over the next week or so, Trina and I will be posting about a bunch of the crazy stuff we saw at CES (over at GamingAngels.com), both games and gadgets. I'm sorry we didn't cover more of the gadget side, but my feet (my very sore and blistered feet) thank me for not walking more of the convention halls.

I will point to this again, a picture I found when browsing through CES coverage. It's an article at 1up.com where yours truly is in a picture taken by the journalist that was doing the same thing we were doing at the time - checking out the Capcom suite. I didn't even realize the picture was taken, I was engrossed in playing RE5 at the time.