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Recap: Holiday edition

We've had all our Christmases now, and managed to enjoy most of each of them. There's always a few odd moments at most familial gatherings, but I think a good time was had overall. We also managed to bring home quite a bit of stuff from each of them, and in the past week, I think I've been able to find places for most all of it. It's looking very much like we're going to need another media shelf for the basement though, because we're starting to stack everything up on top, which I hate looking at. The problem with buying new shelves is that the last time we went to get them, they didn't have the same kind we had already, so we bought different ones - meaning we bought two, just so they'd look like it was done purposefully. Now, I suppose we'll have to get 2 again, because I doubt Office Max still stocks the last kind we bought.

I feel like I haven't worked in about two weeks. Which, thinking about it, might be pretty accurate. I've done some stuff here and there, but there really hasn't been much to do and no one else around, so I've been kicking around the house just keeping an eye on emails. Still haven't heard about the new job, but that's to be expected through the holidays. Monday and Tuesday of this week, I stuck around the house, and managed to dismantle the whole computer room and put it back together. There comes a point every six months or so, where I fly into a maniac phase, and cannot calm down until I've completed some sort of great purging or reorginization. So, the computer room took the brunt this time, which I'm actually thankful for. There are no more boxes in the closet full of random trash and books. It's all out and organized, and my desk is my own once more as well.

Before - when everything was out and on the floor (and my desk)

After - now that most of the stuff is cleaned up. My desk still had some junk on it that's since been cleaned up (aside from my work laptop).

I still have to go through the bills and stuff to figure out what we can keep, and what we can toss, but once that's done, that area will much cleaner. The bookcase behind my desk currently holds all the giveaway stuff for GA, plus my art books and supplies. I like having it all within easy reach, even if it isn't as tidy. Previously, it was all under my desk which was a pain in the ass. Now, the shelves under my desk are empty and I can bring up the computer books that are still in boxes in the basement.

I'm not as maniac as I was. (During the process, if I stopped, I felt physically tense and uncomfortable because I wasn't working on it.) But, I'm still very much in the mood to get some more cleaning/organizing done. With some of the money we got for Christmas, I want to buy some good metal shelves for the basement so we can figure out what's going on in that room. Also, the bedroom has to come under control. I've got a bag or two of clothes that have to go somewhere, that's not my house/closet. And I think I need to finally make us some curtains and stuff.

I'm not big on resolutions because I find that making them at the beginning of the year, when you're off work and in the middle of the holiday craziness tends to make them unreliable. But I do like making goals for myself throughout the year. Getting some of the rest of the house into some sort of order, is definitely a goal for this month. I know that some of the manic-ness is coming from not having any work to do right now, and waiting to hear back on the job I applied for. So, I'm not planning very far out at the moment. Once I have actual work to do at work, I don't think I'll be at home as much, and when I am, I'll actually be busy (I hope).

Gaming things I've learned just this weekend:
LittleBigPlanet is a social game. Sure, only two players at at time, but in a room full of people, it manages to be fairly immersive for everyone in the room.
Fable 2 is extremely addicting. I watched Matt play it all last weekend, and thought it was fun to watch. It's even more fun to play, and I wasn't terribly excited by the first game.
Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game is a game you play to lose. The heroes in this game are outnumbered and underperformering. The Zombies are supposed to win. Frustrating if you're the hero player, but sometimes, it can be done. Out of three games, the heroes have won once, and I think that's a high statistic.