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Home again

Wednesday I had an interview for that job that I applied for a few weeks ago. It's odd to be interviewing with people that you work with on a somewhat regular basis, but it also helped me to be much less stressed about it. They know me, and what I'm like somewhat so the interview was mostly just them asking questions about what I know, what I'm good at/with. I think it went really well, it was a panel interview with three managers, but each one of them seemed pleased with most of my answers. Also, they're wanting to get things wrapped up soon, so chances are I'll know something before New Years, which is nice.

I was hoping to get to one of the REPO! showings this weekend at the Screenland downtown, but chances are looking slim as we're busy at Matt's parents tonight and with Christmases and friends both Saturday and Sunday. Oh, I could go by myself to the 4:45 show today, but that would make it awkward getting from downtown to where Matt's parents are up north by dinner time. Sadness. I suppose I can wait until the DVD comes out in January, but I really like supporting the REPO! crew.

Christmas themed music today. Consists of two albums:
Sarah Brightman's A Winter Symphony
Abney Park's Dark Christmas
There's some random other Christmas songs thrown in, but those two albums make up the majority of the list. It's awesome.