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Child's Play

I don't know if I've talked about this here yet, but since we're getting our butts whooped it couldn't hurt to do it. The website GamerDNA has teamed up with a bunch of different sites to work to donate to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity this holiday season. There's two ways to help. You can either donate directly from the website, or you can opt of the easier (and cheaper) of the two options, which is to take the quiz and post your results. Page views on the quiz and it's results help GamerDNA give a little in the name of the associated site. Just click on the quiz banner and it'll take you to the appropriate page for both donating or quiz taking. We started in first place, but we're in fourth now. I know it's not really a contest, but we're getting a lot of viewers out of it as well, and want to see how much we can help. So if you have a moment, take the quiz and post your results somewhere it'll get seen. Thanks.