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New Week

I didn't make it to 50k this year for NaNo. I just had too much going on trying to get a holiday guide posted to Gaming Angels every night the last two weeks of the month. That, I and caught a cold the last few days, which made me pretty much useless.

Today I had to stay home and wait for the cable guy. We've been experiencing some really horrible cable issues the past few months - where the cable drops out every few seconds for just a second or two, but enough to ruin anything I need a stable connection for. So, last week I'd had enough and called Time Warner. I know it sounds weird, but they said they'd send a guy out Thursday morning - yes on Thanksgiving. Well, he showed at 9:30am, even though I had a guaranteed 8-9am appt. Then, he sat on the street in front of our house, and called TW telling them he couldn't get a response from the house. Never even left his truck. Matt even waved at him from the computer room window, but he just drove off. When I called later he said that I'd been rescheduled and hung up on me. Yeah. Well, my older step-sister Kim works for TW and we saw her Thursday afternoon at Dad's for dinner. I told her what happened and she rescheduled me. A guy came out Friday afternoon, only he didn't take the time to listen when Matt explained the problem, gave us a new modem and left. So, I called Kim again and she got me an appointment for this morning and made sure to note that the appointment would be Quality Checked. Funny thing: the guy that showed up this morning? It was his first house call ever, he was nervous as hell, and still managed to get it fixed in an hour. *sigh* If we didn't live on the outskirts I would've been tempted to get a landline and switch to dish. *shudder*

Being at home today gave me a little time to recover from the cold I caught over the holidays. That, and since it's got to go out to family, I spent a lot of time cleaning up my Amazon wishlist. Had to be really honest with myself about some of the stuff on the last few pages, and decide I really didn't want some things. I mean, if they've been there for five years and cost less that $20 and I've never bought them? I probably never will. So, I managed to cut back two pages. *grins* So, it's here, if anyone's interested.

My Amazon.com Wish List


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Dec. 2nd, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
It should know to send it to me. But hrmm. I'll send you an LJ message.
Dec. 2nd, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC)
What does that say about Time Warner when even with somebody on the inside you can't get quality service? I've been lucky and never had one of the horror stories so common to other people happen to me, but the way most folks get treated by them is just appalling.
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