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More random twitterings to enjoy!

  • 00:42 Browsing YouTube for Steven Lynch videos is not getting my story for #nanowrimo written. #
  • 13:24 Okay, I shouldn't have skipped pushups for a month. I dropped back down to week four, and barely made the first day's first set. :( #
  • 13:26 Weapon codes contest for Gears of War on GamingAngels.com - different from the COG tag contest - tinyurl.com/6zd7vo :) #
  • 14:52 @julesinrose Last year my NaNo time was used to rewrite one of my stories from third person to first because it wasn't working - it happens #
  • 14:55 @stealthyslyth Amazon was good and on time with my GoW 2 today. You should get yours too! #
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