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Gaming Angels and E for All

I have so much to talk about, but I don't think I can do it all now - I know I'm going to forget stuff. Plus, I think I drank more this weekend in LA than I have all year.

So, have some links instead:
Gears of War 2 COG that GamingAngels got at E for All
Really awesome pictures of the GamingAngels/GamerVixens party in LA during E for All - I might be in one or two of these - Trina was standing in front of me in the group shots so you can't see me there at all. :(
Other random E for All pictures taken by Trina - I might be in one or two of these also :)
Oh, and Coin-Op.tv had a party too - not as good as ours (totally unbiased opinion) and we might be in a few shots here as well. (I scanned through some of them, and there's several shots I'm in, but from the back - you can only see my red hair clip - like this one where I could've hit Fatal1ty if I turned around.)
Also, if you want to hear my voice and about E for All - you can listen to last night's Gaming Angels podcast where I filled in for Trina - Start about the 15 minute mark because we had serious sound issues up until then.

One thing I do have to say after being in LA, going to the parties (even our own) and seeing the actual journalism side of things - it's no surprise that girls that don't want to be 'booth babes' have a hard time breaking into this industry. Seriously, I look at some of these girls, and I don't see the type of gamer I think I am...it's a very weird dichotomy between the girls that are calling themselves gaming journalists but are only in the games industry to break into TV/modeling, and the girls (like the GA girls including myself) who are here because we like games, period.

I've got two full pages of GA to do list items, so I'm really going to try and work hard on those items in the next few weeks.
Today, I finished Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress (that girls guide to D&D from WotC) while waiting around at the airport(s). I'll have more to say on that soon.

If you have questions about E for All, feel free to ask.


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Oct. 7th, 2008 01:10 pm (UTC)
Looks like you are having fun!!!

I look forward to hearing what you thought about
"Confessions" I have been on the waiting list at the library for about four months waiting for it.
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