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Got up very early this morning to make it to church for the grandparents 50th anniversary. Yay for them, really, but I can't believe they guilted me into actually attending a real church service. My first actual service in years now...and even though different people, different church, different subgenre of religion, I felt the same there...I didn't belong, and I didn't like it. Not to mention...what a silly message. *rolls eyes* Ugh, pure torture.
But they bought us all an excellent lunch, so that does make up for the service somewhat. And it was only this once, so yeah.
Spent the rest of the afternoon tracking down furniture for Matt's room, and frames for my exhibit. I think I have all but three frames that I need, and about five mattes. Good thing mom's paying for them all as well, because even buying cheap Walmart frames, I've already managed to spend $120 on them. But my stuff does look good framed. =--)
In other good news, Sherri finished my cloak today. And mom sewed the clasps on, so I've been toasty warm now for hours sitting here in my cloak. mmm.
I wish I could stay online longer, but my wrist is killing me...I've been drawing again. Last night I drew a carousel horse, and dragon. A carousel dragon, yes, that's what I said. Hopefully in the next few days I'll scan in the pictures, and post them, and pictures of me and the new cloak. Yup.
I've got a new song or two up on mp3.com too...Click me for music.
I've been messing with the website too...found a few rings to join, one stolen from novembertrees :) And finally fixed the pictures in the gallery to be on pages and load centered.
Okay, my wrist is revolting against my typing, so I'm going to go browse some more stuff. I'll be online for a bit, but I can't guarantee me being talkative...