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Writer's Block: Lame jobs

What's the worst job you've ever had?

I know there's a similar meme like this going around and I might've been tagged for that at least once, so I thought I'd talk about it for a moment.

I've actually been blessed I think to have some fairly decent jobs. I mean, I haven't really liked all of them, but looking back, I haven't really hated any of them. Having to pick one of them, I'd probably say that the month or so I worked for a temp agency packing and folding flyers was pretty much the suckiest of the bunch. I mean, retail isn't fun, and neither is sales, but doing menial temp labor sucks even worse. In the short run, I got fired after a few weeks for leaving early one day when I wasn't feeling well. I told someone I was leaving, but because of some upsets in the supervision, the person who was really in charge that day didn't know I'd left. So, they called the temp agency and said they didn't want me back the following day and the lady at the temp agency said they wouldn't help me look for anything else.