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Full of randomness on a Monday

I think it might be interesting to find out how this case finally sorts out. I don't know why, but I've always be interested in behavioral development in kids, whether it's Autism or something like Indigo children.

Winamp on my work laptop is broken, and I'm not sure why, or how to fix it. I think it has something to do with the fact that when I was last in the office I had to watch this giant video file, and Winamp still thinks it's there to be watched. I don't feel like reinstalling everything though. :( It worked for about a minute, and now it just freezes my whole computer. Sucky. (ETA: Okay, I got it to stop looking for that humongous video file, and now my iPod isn't being recognized.)

Thursday, I chomped a hole in my cheek while my mouth was still numb from having four cavities filled. It's still really sore. And everytime I sneeze, I feel like I'm going to lose the whole front half of my face. It's a very bizarre feeling.

Working at the Humane Society on Friday was interesting. They're still in the middle of a Parvo outbreak, so they wouldn't let us hang out with the dogs, but we did get to spend some time with the cats. We spent a long while working on these mailer labels and getting things ready to be mailed and then our volunteer coordinator let us in one of the kitty rooms, where the cats are just free roaming around. (Cats, and one chihuahua puppy.) The poor little chihuahua pup in the room with the cats almost hurt himself trying to jump out of my arms after begging to be picked up too. By the time I left the room though, he seemed to be feeling okay, just mostly upset from slipping on the ground I think. All that aside, I think it's probably the neatest volunteer opportunity we've had at work.