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Happy Halloween.

Just got done watching a recorded episode of Oprah, that my aunt Karen was on last week. The entire episode was dedicated to spanking a child, and what it would take for the mothers on the show, to change the way they felt about their disciplining behaviors. Now, I can't stand kids really, and I've never really agreed with spanking, especially after being spanked as a child. Calling it spanking is the pleasant way of saying that I was beat as a form of discipline. But thats neither here, nor there....it's long since repressed. What really got me thinking was that I was watching this show about a half hour after talking to my mom about the way my brother's growing up. He's seventeen, and my mom's been remarried to a guy for a few years now that can't stand my brother. They're locked in some sort of challenge for alpha male status, and it's too the point that my step father is picking fights where ever he can find them. As far as almost hitting Matt last night, after Matt retrieved the ping-pong paddles from "his" workshop in the basement. It's a long story, and sure both of them have some serious anger management issues, but John went off the handle, and Matt ended up being the mature adult in the situation. That was last night. John went off, and is staying in a hotel, until he "cools down". (And they wondered why I didn't want to move back in with all this fun.) The whole thing is absurd. Not being a guy and in this challenge, I've got no idea what's going on in their heads, but I've got a decent idea, knowing the backgrounds of both of them...and I think they're both moronic. Anyway, I was watching this Oprah show, watching these women, my aunt included, admitting they can't handle their children, being afraid that one day they're going to lose it. After watching this, I know that waiting to get married, and have kids is the right move for me. I have a short fuse...I don't like children all that much and not having them for a while is good for me. Sure eventually, I'd like to have children, (always really wanted to adopt though)...I think I'd make a good parent, seeing as how I had one that parented without violence, and one that did. It's really all very interesting to think about though...

Had a mildly amusing Halloween. Dressed up like a witch, I think pictures will be posted at EK in a timely manner. I didn't take them...shadowfell did, but I think she'll be posting them. We had a party in our Astronomy Lab with cookies and candies...it was fun.

I got my test back....I got a "B". Which means, I just might be able to pull a decent, passing grade out for the end of the sememster...more importantly meaning that I'm gonna graduate. I'm very excited about that.

Happy Halloween all.

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