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BlogHer 2007 Conference

I've spent more time in Second Life in the past day and a half than I probably have in the past two years (or so). I'm in Second Life attending the BlogHer 2007 Conference. I'm not a BlogHer user, or I wasn't when I signed up to attend, but it's not about the site. It's about women and blogging and safety and everything that goes along with all of that. The Real Life Conference is going on in Chicago this weekend, but due to the wonders of the internet and some wonderful SL ladies, portions of the conference have real audio streaming into SL from the conference sessions. There are also a bunch of SL-only sessions going on today and tomorrow.

First, I've noticed the huge changings that SL has undergone in the past two years (or so) since I've really been active there. The amount of bleed-over from SL to RL sites is amazing. The tech advancements of things like BlogHUD where you can Blog from SL about SL to the internet is really cool. The first session I sat in on this morning was about blogging in RL and SL and the mix between the two. SL user Koz Farina (who created BlogHUD) was one of the panelists and I was just really impressed.

That's not even to mention the conference room that my avatar is sitting in with about 50+ othe avatars is really cool. I've attended RL conferences that have rooms that look almost just like this (ya know not as pixelated though). The streaming audio and the option for streaming video and the humongous vendor area is just really impressive.

At the moment, I'm setting in on the panel about safety online and how much people feel 'exposed' when their online. What's interesting is the women talking one of them being Susie Bright, about how they understand the risk of being online and what has happened to them (good and bad) since they've been posting online. Really informative and entertaining. Later, there's going to be a text chat in SL only with an editor for WIRED, which I'm excited about as well.

The one thing I'm sad about is that I'm missing the Crafty women session tomorrow with Amy Sedaris, and Arwen O'Reilly, because they're not streaming it in SL. That would be an awesome session to sit in on.

When the conference is over (sometime tomorrow) or when I'm done attending, I'll probably put together an article to put up over at Gaming Angels if anyone is interested in reading it. Also, SL Cable Network is putting vidoes up from the SL conference for people to watch later. It's free to attend if you think you want to get in, check out the BlogHer website (linked above) if you want to register and get invited to the attendees group.

This is one of the beautiful things about being able to work from home is that I can work on my work laptop and have my desktop logged into SL with the audio streaming from the conference.



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Jul. 28th, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)
You ever have one of those words/terms you've never heard before and then you hear it and suddenly you're hearing it everywhere? Second Life would be that term for me. I never heard it until Tuesday and now I'm hearing it all over.
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