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Stoopid Brain!

Ack...five hours with my butt firmly planted in an uncomfortable computer rolly chair trying to come up with a RPG ezboard...fun. I swear sometimes my brain goes to far. I can't sleep until it's let an idea run it's course, and this is just another one of those little instances. Had to do it or I didn't think I'd ever sleep again. On the bright side, it doesn't look too bad, and I've gotten some positive feedback, even if no one else has posted. Hopefully that will change soon, hasn't even been up for a full day yet. :)

I'm open to all sorts of suggestions though. I'm hoping this will be a lot of fun, and will keep my attention longer than my website did. Anyway, go take a peek...here. And I've already posted beginnings to two games...my dark ages campaign and the one I started for D&D...the reighnagh adventures. Feedback is good at this point.

I've got a sketch to post, but I haven't uploaded it yet, I'll do that soon.