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Things to mention...

There's a new site out there, Ficlets for you writers, or wannabes. It's a short story place to write something, anything and have it added on to, by another person on the site. Interactive storytelling at it's best. Although, I forsee lots of RP usage at a place like this. I haven't written anything over there yet, but I did sign up since you can use an OpenID intead of creating an AIM account for the site. So, I'm Cherith there also.

If you want to sign up, but don't know how OpenID works, here's what to do:
  • Click on Sign-up (top right corner of the main page)

  • On the right side there's a form for OpenIDs. Type in your LJ address: http://yourname.livejournal.com

  • It'll take you to a LJ site asking if you want to identify yourself for this site. Tell it yes.

  • Once done, it'll take you to your profile page - edit your profile with your name or nom de plume and start writing!

It's important to know, if you're worried about copyrights and things, that everything is done under the Creative Commons License, so your work belongs to you.

Home. We still have Spike for the time being. Mostly, it's because I haven't been able to get ahold of his previous owner. The woman doesn't have an answering machine, so she doesn't even know I'm calling, I bet. And while we'd love to keep him, and he and Jazz have both been doing much better, I think at this point it's pretty certain that if I can ever talk to her, he's going back. This makes me sad. On other other hand, I really do think it's best for both dogs to be able to live in environments that make them both happy. Spike is just too nervous to ever be happy with other dogs. And Jazz is so loveable that he can't be around a nervous dog without become nervous. *shrugs*

I tried out the Lord of the Rings Online closed beta finally. *grins* It's definitely a fun game, it's holding my attention better than CoH, Guild Wars or EQ ever did. It's not quite up to the standards I've come to expect from WoW and the Blizzard dev team, but it's working it's way up there. It's already got some great things, like WEATHER, that didn't come into WoW until later. All that aside, it's really not ready for mass consumption yet. There's a lot of bugs left to work out, some of which are promised to be fixed by the Open Beta at the end of the month.