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Ever the crumbling fountain...

I'm up.
I even went to class this morning in order to flunk our first test.
I can't say that I feel 100%, but then again, I very rarely feel that way when I haven't just been sick for a week. I can say that I feel better than I did. I still can't eat, but my stomach at least isn't in pain. I'm sleeping on the floor still, because the bed just isn't comfortable right now, not even more comfortable than the floor, and that really says something about my bed.

Spent the weekend with Sherri since I was feeling very not dead, spend most of the time watching cable television. Well, not really watching more like sitting in front of, because my brain still hasn't recovered from the past week of fitful sleep. I'm back in my own room at my mom's. Didn't really expect to be looking forward to being in it, but here I am, and happy about it. Although the whole room needs help. It feels like death. It doesn't feel like a happy room...not that it does normally, but its uncomfortable to be in, knowing how sick I was in it last week. I tried raising the blinds, and lighting some incense, but that doens't seem to have helped much.

Got a call out of the blue from Jessica Saturday night when I was at Dad's. She came over for a bit, we talked, got caught up on all the high school gossip...who's married, who's got kids, and why the hell she stopped calling me. She says that she's changed jobs, and is on a more regular schedule and we actually have the same days off now, so she says that she'll call again soon. And not wait another couple of months. You know, other than my mother, no woman I know takes more energy and emotion out of me. I'm usually in all ways exhausted after even spending an hour with her anymore. And this time was no different...especially when she revealed some interesting information. Seems she had a good reason for sleeping with my friend Dennis. According to her, her boyfriend about a month before had a crush on yours truly, and was talking about me...she got mad, and Dennis was revenge. Whether true or not, I don't care...but I was amazed to her it...because you know, Neil having a crush on me and me not knowing is a hell of a lot different than her sleeping with my best friend Dennis even after she found out how much I liked him...
Or something like that....
I doubt she call. We'll see.

Spent yesterday with Chris...we didn't do much. Sat around and talked...had lunch, talked some more, I caught him up on the Dark Ages game history...and then I went home. All in all, kinda pointless, but it was better than sitting at home with Sherri and her friends watching football on television...
How I loathe watching football.

If I passed my health class test this morning, I'm going to be greatly suprised. I missed the review friday morning, and I've missed total about five days of class anyway, so there were things in the notes that I didnt' have that were on the test. Not to mention I was in no position to do actual studying for it. I doubt I would have anyway, but had I not been sick last week, my retention of things would at least have been better. Did I mention I hate being sick? I think I did, but just to reiterate....because I really don't like it.
The doctor said that I had the stomach flu. But she wasnt' sure, because some of my symptoms didn't match, not to mention, I had it longer that 24 or 48 hours. Normally a stomach flu doesn't last a full week. She said if I still wasn't feeling better in a few days to go back, and I may if I'm not feeling up to everything in a day or so. Not that I'm looking forward to the bloodwork they'll have to do, but I hate being sick more than I hate giving blood. I'd rather watch a football game that have either.


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Sep. 23rd, 2002 09:09 pm (UTC)
The whole time I was reading that, I thought it was one of Blitz's posts o.O Got really weird when the whole Dennis/Neil thing popped up.
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