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No houses.

Matt and I were supposed to look at more houses this weekend. It didn't happen. Our realtor had some family issues, and so we were unable to go. However, the more I think on it, the more I realize what a crunch we're getting in. Our lease is up the beginning of July, not leaving us much time for anything really. Our landlord won't let us go month-to-month, and it even costs more to cut back to 6 months, which is within our budget...but still. Hopefully, we'll be able to go out this weekend, and maybe during the week & on the weekend next week. I hate to push it, but I also really want to find someplace to settle down for a while. I'm ready to find someplace.

The rest of the weekend was remarkably, and blissfully uneventful. My knee is healing somewhat, although I smell a bit like IcyHot all the time now. I bought the little patches, so I can wear it around. It helps the pain, smell aside. I think my elbow is the most annoying thing. It's not badly injured, it's just injured enough to hurt when I lean on the desk, or the armrests of my chair. It makes working at work uncomfortable. Hopefully, they'll all be fine in another couple of days....

Oh, oh. I learned new interesting tricks with George (the iPod) this weekend. When getting music from friends, if it is in in the "iTunes" standard format, the mp4 or whatever it is, it may not be labeled correctly. Searching George wouldn't turn up the records of any of the songs I'd recently acquired. HOWEVER! If I searched for recently added files (within the last day) I could find them, and sure enough none of them were named. So, I set about to do the best I could to get them properly tagged. I copied all the new songs, off the iPod, onto my harddrive, and imported them to my iTunes library. Then, in iTunes, I converted them to mp3 format. Found where iTunes saved them (and still with improper tagging - I'm very specific about how my music is tagged) and moved them into their correct folders. Deleted all instances of them from iTunes, since it doesn't automatically update things when you move it around. Then, using my favorite toy, MusicBrainz I retagged them properly, and imported them back to iTunes. It's really not a long process. And it's good to know, that by converting music in iTunes, it gets at least somewhat tagged, so when I really properly tag them, there's information to go on. Now, my only question is whether the same can be done with songs that are already mp3s. If they can be re-converted by iTunes, I might save myself a lot of trouble in the future.