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Nothing useful

I've done nothing to interesting with myself. The elbow, hand and knee continue to ache and be generally annoying. I also noticed a sore muscle on my side, and a bruise on my ankle. The ankle, I can sort of understand, since when I fell I was wearing boots. Or, I since I'm favoring that leg, it could be random muscle aching. The stomach muscle is an anomaly. It's possible I suppose that it's sore from exercise which I've been doing, but it's worse than that. I can't imagine that it's just happenstance that I pulled a stomach muscle that badly at the same time. It's just a manner of the downhill slide...I consider myself fairly "unclumsy" but not necessarily graceful most days. However, once I do something so stupid as trip down a few stairs, everything else aches and pulls and annoys at the same time.

I'm about 12 hours in to Kingdom Hearts II. I'm still none to pleased with the amount of cut-scenes versus actual play time. Although, it's gotten better, I wish there was a better imbalance. I want to play more, and watch less. I suppose I'm in the minority there though, for most people that are interested in this game would probably say the opposite, and would be perfectly happy with slight "choose your own adventure" mechanisms in a very long movie. *shrug*

I'm waiting impatiently (already) for my laptop. Last night, while updating my Aberrant character Thora, I used Matt's old laptop so I could watch CSI at the same time. For it's time, it's in decent shape, especially considering that it was used (from eBay) when he got it. However, it's been passed so far over in technology that I can't even read my LJ flist from it. Even when the page is all text, with the occasional icon, it's still too much data for it to process, and I can only jumpily scroll down the page very very slowly. How much cooler it will be, when I'll have a fancy new laptop to sit and work on while I watch TV. I find that I'm much more willing to use my work laptop for writing even, because I feel more productive when I don't have to give up my TV viewing while I write. Weird I know. The true test will come when it finally arrives, and I load WoW onto it. I'm fairly certain that WoW will run, but only time (and the long 4 disc loading time) will really tell.