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Doctors tomorrow

I have tomorrow morning off so I can check in with the doctor on my sleep study results. The nurse didn't have anything helpful to say when she called me, just the normal stuff they tell anyone with a regular sleep problem: Don't sleep on your back, no alcohol, no caffiene after noon...ect. This is stuff I not already know, but take care to observe. So, doctor's visit it is. Although, I do have a dual purpose in this visit. I've started getting some pretty sharp pain in the thumb/pad of my hand area. It's worse on my right hand (which is my dominant hand). Matt says I use my hands to "prop" me up in my sleep, when I sleep on my side, so it's possible I'm just putting to my pressure on them. Anyway, I'll check with the doctor just to make sure I haven't done any serious damage. Usually when I'm sore, it's only for a day or two, and this has been pretty constant for almost a week. I wore my wrist brace on the right one last night, and the swelling went down a bit, so I'm thinking it just needs a lot of rest... *shrugs*

I don't have anything else to update. Work has been really busy this week, which really isn't much different than most weeks lately. However, with people in town, it's a different sort of busy, where I'm not even at my desk. So, if I don't comment as much, forgive me. I was hoping to get some questions from the meme, but apparently I post more clearly about things than I'd thought. *shrugs* So, nothing to update there either.

The one big thing for this weekend, is that Matt and I have set up some times to go look at houses on Saturday. I work in an office with a good many real estate people, and one of the ladies still acts as a realtor with her husband. She's setting up some houses to show us, and we'll probably do it again next weekend too, in a different area. Our lease is up in July, so we've got to get to looking.



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Apr. 28th, 2006 05:52 am (UTC)
i felt kind of bad about the question meme... everyone was doing it, but i couldn't think of a question for anyone. i guess that's because i pay attention and have a crazy memory for random details. just... don't ask me what i did yesterday or what my bank account number is. :D

good luck househunting!
Apr. 28th, 2006 11:31 am (UTC)
I wonder if, while sleeping on your side, you might not use an extra pillow to prop yourself. Or at least to rest your arm & hand on? Just a thought. I hope you and the doc can come to some kind of resolution. Good Luck!
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