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So, I had a bad night.

There are things though, that I want to share.

I did managed to get a few more hours of lovely, much needed sleep Sunday morning. And then, I had a lovely Easter lunch with my grandparents and my mother, brother and sister, a cousin and her husband and son, and an uncle. It's nice to have some small relaxed family days with good food, and little stress. The smaller numbers of my mom's side of the family that there are, the more relaxed it seems. I was still pretty tuckered out yesterday, so Matt and I spent the day at home, going out only to have a nice quiet dinner.

I'm really excited about WoW right now. Our guild's one year anniversary date is this weekend (Sunday) and it's kind of amazing to see how many of us are still around. It's such a great group of girls. I love playing with them. My character there quickly became my main because it's so much more relaxing to play in such a group where there's not a lot of hassle around groups or anything. What's also a bit exciting is that while we're turning a year, Awne is about to turn 60! She's two bubbles from hitting 59, and has enough quests to get her a good way through to 60 at the moment. I've been playing this thing since it came out, and she'll be my first 60th level. I've got a couple alts waiting in the wings close to 20, that'll I'll pick up soon. I just really enjoy playing Horde side so much more, although I may change my tune with the expansion and the Blood Elves.

Other cool things. I wrote another article and submitted it for the gamingangels site launch. Hopefully that'll happen soon. I've got another couple of pieces I want to do, so that I don't get behind on monthly submissions. I may grab Kingdom Hearts II soon as well, not only to review, but because I need something new, and KH is just a great game.

I'm working on Criminal Minds icons. I got some great screencaps from dj_capslock from the last episode, and I've been slowly churning out some icons from it. I'm a boring icon maker though. No funky colors or witty quotes. Just plain pretty icons of some of my favorites. And a few others to share with other CM fans. I know, I'm a loser...it's up against LOST, a show I have no interest in. So, if you're a LOST fan, you're quite possibly missing out on a great procedural drama. But, you probably wouldn't like it anyway...

Also, I don't know if I shared this before, but Matt's sister gave me some Matson Jones songs. I've been listening to them, a lot (I know it's only five songs) and really enjoy their brand of rocking. It's Cello rock, very similar to Rasputina or Apocalyptica. Very fun. And speaking of rocking! Saturday, I met up with mellifera and uberreiniger to see Lacuna Coil at a nearby Borders. They played a short (three song) set, but they were great to see live, and without all the big noise of a band to drown out the vocalists. It was quite a sight to see the myriad types of people that would come out to see such a band, but in some cases I was pleasantly suprised to see parents starting young with initiating their kids into the wonderful world of music! *grin* Matt and I didn't stay for the signing (you had to buy a CD there and have reciept), but it was still worth the trip. A big congrats goes out to the happy recently engaged couple as well!

I think that's most of what's going on in my world lately. Work is keeping me pretty busy, more than I'd like. I think even without the vacation day I took on Friday, I still would've had a regular 40 hours in. It was one of those weeks that I'm actually grateful that I'm getting paid for overtime instead of that bigger bonus at the end of the year. *shrugs*


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Apr. 18th, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
Just let me know if you need any help getting to 60. 60, squeee!!!!

OH! We HAVE HAVE HAVE to get you your relic. The one from BRD. You can actually solo it...Ruana did, and she's 0/31/20, so if you're even more feral, you'll have a better time of it. The relic will reduce your claw and rake energy cost in cat form.

But we could also take a group of five in to get it, as it's not that far into BRD. :)
Apr. 18th, 2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
I do love a good procedural drama as much as I do LOST. Maybe I should watch that since I'm not watching LOST right now. Missed a bunch of episodes due to the play, you see, so since I don't want to be lost in the storyline myself, I'm avoiding the show until this season hits DVD.
Apr. 18th, 2006 10:03 pm (UTC)
Try out Criminal Minds. It's got Mandy Patinkin!
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