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Day One...or night one?

Last night I took the first of the two different sleeping pills the dr. prescribed to me. I started with the Rozerem, because it's new, and supposedly non-addictive. I'm going to give it a few more nights, but already things don't look good. Basically, it did the same thing for me that the over the counter ones do, which is help me get to sleep. However, once asleep, it was more unrestful than my sleep is normally. And today, I feel like I'm walking/working through a fog. Everything's fuzzy and I'm having trouble getting things done. I'm just slow and tired, more so than normal.

I'll give the Rozerem a week, and then I'll try the Ambien and see if it works. I should have test results back for the EBV test by the end of the week, and I'll be able to talk to the dr. then.

Edit: Some of you may have seen this in the past. I came across this article over the weekend, when preparing for my visit to the doctor. It's a really interesting article to those people that don't understand what having Lupus, or CFIDS/ME or any serious illness is like, where the illness isn't necessarily physically noticeable. The Spoon Theory



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Feb. 21st, 2006 09:19 pm (UTC)
what about only taking a half of a pill... with me, I'm like that if I take two niquil capsules... if I take one, I rest better, plus I can wake up and not feel like my head's floating on a string somewhere near my body.
Feb. 21st, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)
I'll probably try that after I go through this week, and have a chance to talk to the dr. on the phone.
Feb. 21st, 2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
That article is really wonderful. What a great way to let people know a little of what you're going through.

Hopefully your body will get used to the new sleeping pills and they'll start working fo you.

Feb. 21st, 2006 09:54 pm (UTC)
I thought it was good too. I've been battling all this for almost three years now, and only now starting to come to some conclusions about things: what to eat, what to drink, how to control my activies...ect.

Thanks miss. *hugs*
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