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Wishlist Addendum

If I could make a postscript 11. & 12. to my wishlist from yesterday, this would be them...

11.  A Lacrimosa CD.  Any of them.  I've been listening to some of their stuff I have (random songs on other CDs) and I remember how much I love them.  They hard to find in the US, and that makes me sad.

12.  My car to be fixed quickly and completely paid for, with no troubles. 

Let me explain #12.  Last night, I left work, and walked to my car in the parking garage.  It was there that I noticed the back of my car had been hit.  A fist sized hole in my bumper, and a smashed in trunk are pretty suprising finds.  I knew it happened at work, because there were little pieces of my bumper around the car, and strung across the ground.  Luckily (for me) the guy that hit me left his name and number on my car.  I called security, they took an incident report and took pictures.  They told me I'd have to go the police station to make an official report.  The OP (overland park) police department are not my favorite people after last night either.  I go to the station, am told to wait for an officer, and almost forty-five minutes later I'm leaving without making a report.  Private Property, they won't take a report unless I can't get a hold of the guy.

So far however, it's working out fairly well.  The guy gave me his information (we have the same insurance) and I will *crosses fingers* hopefully be able to take my car in for repairs in the morning.  I'm just hoping that it stays this easy.