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Sex with Kings by Eleanor Herman

It is finished.  I extended my lunch break, by just the tiniest bit to get through the last of Sex with Kings.  It's definitely not the book I was hoping for, but it's still a good read.  The book mostly comprises of short chapters on the different bits of life as a royal mistress.  What I was expecting was chapters relating specific tales, but instead Herman takes all the king/mistress relations throughout history and breaks them down by their pieces and lines them up again with similar pieces from other couples.  There's a definitely weight to the book towards the lives and times of the French Monarchs and their mistresses, but no doubt because in this case the French did it better.  They had an official title, the ladies were more beautiful, lasted longer, got paid more, and occassionally caused more problems (or solved) for the country as a whole, than anywhere else in Europe. 

It is based around the European Kings, with a few interjections about other places further to the East, and with the occasionally mention of America in it's early years when mistresses retreated here.  Sadly, despite it's European inclinations there was very few mentions of anything around Henry VIII, and absolutely no mentions of anything in Italy surrounding the Pope.  Although, I suppose technically the Pope isn't and wasn't a King, despite being treated as one and acting like one.  I'm still recommending the book on the whole, if you're interested in these such things.  It's definitely an interesting read, if nothing else, and fairly informative provided you can keep all the women straight.  *grin*


Aug. 16th, 2005 04:11 am (UTC)
uberreiniger and I were looking at that book in B&N today.