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This is all true...

Um yeah. I will just not talk about last night. Lets just say...bad things. Day before big projects due...*crash*. Done.

Scanned you in a pretty picture. Did this last week, took about fifteen minutes for the sketch, another fifteen for the markering, and I spent about ten minutes putting a background in, in Photoshop. Me and my ink pen disagreed on some of the lines, and so her face looks a bit dark, especially around the eyes, and lips, but I think it looks alright. And no critiquing my hand and axe. First time I've ever drawn hands...and feet...LOOK FEET, okay boots, but its a start right? Right. Anyway.
Her name is Lilith. She's a dark scary evil cleric, for some reason or another running around underground working with the forces of good to save the dwarven underground places. Yup.

Any other comments and/or crits are certainly welcome, and appreciated.


( 1 felicitation — Felicitate Me )
Jul. 27th, 2002 06:48 am (UTC)
I think she looks pretty neat =)
It has an eerie vibe to it, but very cool
( 1 felicitation — Felicitate Me )