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Happy un-birthday...

Hmm... sleeping on the floor did not help as it should have. It usually makes me feel slightly better, but this morning, nothing but sheer annoyance at waking up on the floor. We'll try drugs next...ha.

As far as party went...it wasn't really a birthday party. I showed up, I gave dad his new DVD- Planet of the Apes...and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get the DVD player to work with his stupid reciever thats like eight years old. Tre uncool. He was happy with his presents though. So at least thats something.

I felt a little like sketching earlier...seeing as how I've got this unused sketch book just calling my name. They do that if I don't use them for so long. So I drew a little picture of Kirith Lyn. She's the main character in a story I'm working on for a creative writing class. Hopefully I'll get to working on the story again soon, but for now I'm happy I have a tiny sketch of her.

Silence is not the way...