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That's a harp, and that's a dress...

I'm wearing a skirt.  Uh huh.  Now, if you know me, you might stop right there and demand to know what happened to the Elizabeth you know.  She's still here, but she's a spend thrift and for some reason decided that a nice black skirt for $10 was too good to pass up.  Especially when the weather is up in the 90s for days on end.  Believe me though, this is NOT the start of any skirt wearing trend.  Five years of non-stop skirt/dress wearing can cure a girl of that sort of thing.  Orginally I'd gone in search of some new tshirts, something nice, but cool to wear to work.  Long sleeve shirts are definitely out for a while.  I did find a few shirts, but in an effort to keep myself from buying yet another black pair of pants, I came home with a skirt instead.  Go figure.  I know you needed to know all that.

Anyway.  All the weird dreams I've been having lately seemed to have subsided somewhat.  I'm still dreaming of course, I'm just not as disturbed by them, and therefore remembering less of them.  What's interesting about those I did post is that my mom had a few ideas about what they might mean.  And what's even weirder, is that I think she might be right.  She suggested that the one about the warehouse might have some relation to my work, and the "emptiness" would relate to the lack of challenges I get.  Which is pretty true.  I'm pretty bored at work, despite the steady flow of things to do, I rarely get challenged. 
The one about the large ice rink  she suggested could have to do with high school, because of the people there.  The make-room reflects how I saw these people as fake (which I did) and the ice rink itself was my feelings towards them (cold, and that's true).  The fact that most of them were background bland observers shows again what I thought of them.  The jungle underneath, to which I almost lost the girl I was escorting would be the real-world.  I didn't mention this in my original post, but the girl was a pretty steady friend of mine since we were about seven or eight.  So this is right, since I do feel like I've lost her as a good friend since we're both busy with our lives.  *nods*

Unfortunately she didn't have any good thoughts about my weirdo alien dream other than it probably didn't mean much.  She's probably right.  I don't think she's gotten to read my one about being crazy yet, and when she does, I'll be interested to hear if she thinks it means anything.  I wish I could be good at this dream interpretation thing, but I just have the weird dreams, it's somehow beyond me to understand them.  *shrugs*

I know I posted new music today, but I also decided to leave up yesterday's post of random music, just in case anyone wanted it.  I also wanted to mention that I still have up the songs I posted for this meme.  I leave them up because I love these songs, and I have no doubt that someday soon that meme will make the rounds again.


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Jun. 24th, 2005 06:40 pm (UTC)
that icon throws me every time you use it... I started reading with out reading who's journal entry it was, and I'm thinking... her name isn't Elizabeth...

Jun. 24th, 2005 06:49 pm (UTC)
Hah. I bet she gave it to me, just so that would happen. *grins* She's a tricksy one, that's for certain!
Jul. 1st, 2005 03:47 pm (UTC)
I only just saw this...and I just ~had~ to say something. I know Emporer's New Groove when I see it! It's one of the few Disney movies I enjoyed (I think it's because of the heavily Warner Bros feel too it. Classic WB that is, not the post-space-jam era)

Kronk absolutely makes the show though *grin*
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