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Two Books: Crap and Armageddon.

I finished two books this week, both of them were lent to me by my step-mother.
Nighttime is My Time by Mary Higgins Clark and The Taking by Dean Koontz.  The first the MHC book, horrible.  I remember once or twice before in my younger days reading a few of her books, and being not impressed.  I enjoy a good mystery from time to time, the challenge to figure out whodunnit is always fun.  This book is no different.  It is a good story line (idea) just horribley executed.  The dialogue is crap, the point of view switches from character to character with no discernable plan, and it's just too hard to follow.  It took me far too long for my liking to finish this story, and I don't think I really enjoyed the whodunnit as much as I should've.  All that I thought by the end of the book was, gee she had a nice idea, and with a few small changes, it has potential to be a good book.  But in it's current form.  NO. 

The second, a Dean Koontz novel, didn't seem very appealing either.  However I was proved wrong in my initial assumptions.  I've occassionally enjoyed his novels, Lightening being one of my favorite books of all time, not just of books by him.  This story, is a bit of an amageddon tale, but with different twists and turns throughout.  I was motivated to finish this before I started, just to be finished and get back to my own reading habits.  I was pleasantly suprised to enjoy and be intrigued by the story once I got into it, so I finished it in about three days all said and done, versus the week and a half to finish the other.  The ending of it suprised me, in the direction it went.  Very interesting.  TO say anything would be to ruin it, but if you like psychological horror stories, or armageddon/alien type stories, I highly recommend it.  Unless of course your a math/science freak like Matt, you may not be able to suspend your belief long enough to get to the good ending.  *grin*

Now that I'm finished with both of these, I plan on getting into some other Phillipa Gregory stories, starting with Wideacre.  I wish that she could put out some more interesting historical/tudor/royalty stuff, I'm really in the mood for more in that vein.  I may have to start up the Katherine of Aragon by Jean Plaidy that I snatched pretty cheap a while back.