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Unleashed Weekend.

Unleashed:  Matt and I saw this Saturday afternoon.  I wish I could say good and intellegent things about it, but oooh Neat! is about all I can manage.  I love, love Jet Li, in just about everything and this is no exception.  It's a very different part for him, aside from all the fighting and he plays a dramatic role very well.  Definitely, good.  And Bob Hoskins, cracks me up.  Just yeah.

Firefly: So I borrowed the series set from Anjie last week.  I'd like to have it for myself, but just haven't yet.  I'm really glad I sat down every chance I got over the past weekend to make it through these.  It's amazing to see the series beginning to end the way Joss intended it to be.  What's even more amazing is to hear and see what the actors and producers have to say about the whole experience in the special features.  The whole series is just so different, unique and the characters...say what you might about Joss, he sure knows how to write good and interesting characters.  I'm looking even more forward to the movie release so I can see what happens to these people. 

Okay, what the hell?  My computer monitor keeps flashing, sorta like the power is surging or threatening to turn off completely.  It's driving me batty trying to type this out.  *pokes it*  Stupid monitor.

One last thing.  I've worked myself back up to playing in WoW.  I was getting really annoyed at the whole thing there for a while.  I'm not good at MMO games, I feel like I have to be "on" all the time, like I can't just sit back, relax and play a nice game.  There's always people to talk to or interact with.  It didn't help that all the quests I had with my main character were Dungeon or Elites, and I can't do them yet without help. Last night, I logged in after almost a month disappearance (and I apologize to my guild for that) and had a good time.  I found myself in a new area with new quests and actually enjoyed playing for a few hours.  Now, Matt and I will have to work out sharing the game again.

Okay, one other last thing.  I know I have several of you on my Wedding stuff filter.  I don't post to it a lot, but time is starting to catch up with me, and I'll probably be posting on it a bit more in the future, starting this evening.  I'd like to offer everyone a chance to get on or off the filter, whatever is appropriate.  Just let me know.  Thanks.


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Jun. 6th, 2005 06:34 pm (UTC)
Filter me baby. ~.O
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