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I'll face it with a grin...

Arrrrggg, I don't know when my wrist decided that it was okay to bring back the horrible achy pain, but it has. It was small and almost non-dectectable at first, like always, but now, it hurts to type, move the mouse, write, draw, or just about anything hand required. Which completely sucks seeing as how I just got my new computer. New computer very nice. Boy who put it together, very nice, even installed some games, and PS 7 for me. Not nice...his girlfriend, who today denied ever speaking to Tara about what she really spent last weeking doing...i.e. "abort". Can't believe she'd tell her, and not me, and when I ask, deny. Now sure, it could all be rumors, Tara could be blowing smoke to everybody in the store, but she's got no reason to do that. Did tell her that if she makes Nick quit that the management has already planned ways for her to be non-exist at our store. Nice people eh? People you'd want to work with the rest of your life? Think not.

Got the gallery pages on my website sorta updated, not really new art, just new pages. Unless your the one person that caught the sneak peek when there was really nothing there but layout. Go you.