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I'm in a pretty good mood today.  Despite this being one of the days my boss actually came to the office, inbetween one of his many trips of course. 

Matt is home today, hopefully finding out good news type things from his insurance company.  Like that he won't have to pay to get his car fixed.  Or that the other guy is really at fault.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyhow.

Tomorrow evening, I've promised my brother Matt and my mother that I'd got to this "Acquire the Fire" dealio at the church they sometimes attend.  The group that my brother has been working for/attending the program with in Texas is the one that puts the whole revival thing together, so that's how he gets to be up here for the thing.  For those of you that don't know, or don't remember, my brother Matt has been attending a program/school type thing in Texas as part of a "getting closer to god" type thing.  I'm not excatly sure what all it entails, but he's become a changed person down there.  I'm not necessarily saying changed for the better, but changed nonetheless.  It's a bit of a...well...I just won't go there.  I'm not going to start some religious hoop-la over this school/program.  Let's just say, in my experiences with him since he's been there, almost a year now, he no longer seems like the Matt I used to get along with so well.  He speaks in cliches and riddles of god's love and mercy, and I think has determined to convert me, since although we've talked about it, he doesn't understand what I believe....  Not good, not bad, just NOT Matt.  Anyhow, this "Acquire the Fire" deal I think is a week long revival at the church hosting it, and it culminates in an evening service Saturday.  So I promised I'd go, it might be interesting.  If anything, their church is always good for some thought-provoking laughs. 

Last night, I had some bizzare dreams.  Mainly dreams that I vividly remember as being in black and white.  I'm a color dreamer, almost all the time.  However last night's dreams had a very retro feel, very 20's and 30's old news reel type feel, so the no-color fit perfectly.  The last dream I remember was watching this half-boat, half-plane with the whirly copter blades in front crash, taking all the uniformed university boys in it down, through the blades as it crashed.  I think, I hoped I was watching it via a news reel, and not actually watching it happen.  But I remember being near tears when I woke up, so I'm thinking not.  And if you're confused to what a half-boat, half-plane might look like picture this:  A large canoe 5 or 6 men wide, with 10-15 rows long with no top or cover.  There's a large whirly copter blade in the front, not on top (like those really old planes, and forgive my horrible terminology)  and rudders on the sides of the boat, like skis.  There was some sort of parachute top, hanging far above the boat/plane, not that it did much good for them as it all came tumbling down.  All in all, not a pleasant scene as the pretty university boys with their white caps and uniforms came through the front blades.  Luckily, that was the last thing that happened, I got to get up for work then, instead of watching them all tumble to the ground in bloody messes. 

And on that lovely picture, I get to go back to work.  *grin*