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Missing table pen? Found in ponytail, where I put regular pens when I'm working.

I don't like the fourth. Fuck American Pride, I just don't think that on the day we celebrate our freedom, its a good idea to go around blowing shit up. Spending money that isn't as dispensible as you'd like to thing that are only nice to look at for .5 seconds, and moving on to the next till your all out of pretty, sparkly, loud things twenty minutes later... and so is everyone else. Looks like a fucking nuclear winter outside the house right now...the kid across the street has been shooting bottlerockets and smokebombs for hours it seems like. I'm suprised our roof hasn't caught fire yet. But then it is still early. :)

This is what I did today...I made banners.

They both go with the redesign of The Shattered Mirror

Tis all. Enjoy.

edit: added two more versions of the banners.