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quiz type thing kiped from uberreiniger

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
Cooks you breakfast in bedhelenangel
Sends you 3 dozen long-stem rosessugar_face
Gets your name tattooed on their buttbaronzemo
Puts an ad in the paper, asking you for a dateenayla
Stalks your LJ and leaves anonymous "indiscreet" repliescommesoie
Knits you a sweater...with their own haircider
Delivers a naked singing telegramazhrialilu
Declares their undying love loudly and oftencokane
Quiz created by Larinzia at BlogQuiz.Net
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( 1 felicitation — Felicitate Me )
Feb. 10th, 2005 08:28 am (UTC)
Um, I think I'll leave the long-stem roses to your significant other. I can't even buy them for MY significant other :)
( 1 felicitation — Felicitate Me )