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Last night was exciting.

This whole weekend was just...meh.  Friday night I got a call from my grandmother.  She talked to my mother about the whole wedding/money fiasco from the previous weekend, and it sounds like things might work out.  It's not really anything to help with the planning, but mom and I might not end up hating each other by the time my wedding rolls around, so that'll be good.  I'm probably still going to wait another week or so before I talk to my mother, but from the things she said to my grandma, it sounds like she's sorry about what she did say.  Next time we speak, it'll be just me and her though, no pretense to work through. 

Sunday evening Matt went to the grocery store to get stuff to make dinner with.  We were going to have homemade pizza.  He comes back to the apartment and there's a firetruck at the parking lot, and he has to enter from a different direction.  When he gets to the parking lot, he sees what the firetruck was focused on, namely the fact that the top of the powerline pole was sparking.  He comes to get me, and I go out to look at it.  There's no firetruck anywhere in sight when I go out.  As I'm trying to figure out what is up on the pole sparking, the whole top of the pole catches fire.  I go inside, tell Matt it's on fire, and we consider whether or not to call the fire department back.  Matt tells me he expects for the electric company to be making an appearance assuming that's why the fire guys left.  I mean, it is a Powerline, the fire department wouldn't want to be messing anything up.  I go back to my game of WoW, with miss saskya warning her of course that I may suddenly lose power.  Less than five minutes later, I ask Matt to check on the pole, my car is parked almost directly under it, and I don't want things catching fire back there.  He checks.  The electric company is there, however the pole is still on fire.  So I go to move my car.  As I'm driving around the block looking for a parking spot on the street, I don't see any electric company vans, cars, anything.  I park my car, and walk back to the apartment just as the power goes out on the whole block.  Nice. 

The apartments below us where having a joint Super Bowl party, (heh, hard to have a Super Bowl party, without, ya know, the Super Bowl) and invited us over to their candle-lit apartment with drinks and food. We went over for a few minutes had a drink, met our neighbors.  Aparently the guys that have the two downstairs apartments are friends, hence the joint-party like thing.  It's now about seven-thirty at night, and we've been watching this thing for almost an hour.  Matt and I decide to go out for dinner since it's looking unlikely we'll be able to have homemade pizza or anything. 

We go out for dinner, Chipotle is yummy.  We drive by the apartment, to check on the power situation, and the entire block is still without power.  So we head down to Barnes and Noble, relax for about an hour and a half, reading books.  When we get back to the apartment at almost ten, the clocks show the powers been back for almost the entire time since we drove by after dinner.  Lucky us.  Ah, well. 

I also found out last night, that my Dad fell down Saturday, badly injuring his hips.  Apparently he got all caught up in trying to clean up his dog after her roll-around in some mud or something more smelly and managed to fall.  With his hip replacements bending, sitting, standing are all problems.  Falling is very bad.  So I expect a call from him after Sherri gets him in to the doctor this morning.  His hip didn't come out of the socket like it used to, but that doesn't mean it's not in bad shape.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed he hasn't done any major damage.

We also stopped by to check on my grandpa Sunday afternoon before all the craziness.  Grandpa's not been doing so well, lots of pain medication means he's not feeling as good as he could be.  He's short of breath and sick to his stomach, and other things that people normally don't think about after having surgery.  He's got a nurse that comes out from the hospital on Monday's, and I'm hoping that she might have some solutions for the medicine to keep him from getting sicker.  It's hard to recover from a surgery when the pain medicine makes you feel worse.  I know this.

ON a completely unrelated note: Am I the only one getting relgious spam mail?  Things like "Did you got to church Sunday?" or "Want a free version of the KJV Bible?"  And where do these things come from?