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I haven't been happy...

So I got the call about my raise late yesterday afternoon.  Things did not go as expected.  Now, I'm not going to quit, but I did make it known to both my supervisor, and my contact at the contracting agency that I am NOT happy with the results.  I've done the math after finding out my rate yesterday, and discovered that the contracting company is making $5,000 less a year that I am for me doing all the work.  That's outrageous.  I've been told that if my supervisor gets a new job (which she's trying for) that I'll be first in line for hers, but there's no telling when that may be.  I've just got to say though, I'm not a happy girl. 

Other things that have made my last day or so less than pleasant, beside the corporate america rip-off.  I discovered last night that my computer has something wrong with it.  Possibly a virus of some kind.  Matt and I are both being kicked-off WoW at fairly regular intervals, even when the servers are experiencing no lag.  At first I thought it was our cable, but after investigating this, I've discovered that something is stealing bandwidth.  I also noticed that the browser I was using (MAXTHON) was starting up multiple instances which was also stealing memory.  So I did the right thing and got rid of it, and went ahead and switched to FireFox which I'd been avoiding up to now.  I worked on the computer until about mid-night doing everything I could think of to figure out what's going on with the computer, so far to no avail.  Last time this happened Matt spent about three hours manually deleting files that weren't being caught by scanning utilities.  I'm hoping he won't have to do that again. 

The other oh-so-wonderful happening last night was that our first-floor neighbor had a party.  This is not something abnormal for him, he regularly has over lots of loud and obnoxious people with loud music going.  However being a Tuesday night, at nearly midnight when Matt and I wanted to get some sleep since we both had to work today, the constant boom-boom-boom from the radio below our bedroom was somewhat uncomfortable to fall asleep with.  Matt kindly went down about midnight-thirty and asked politely for the music volume to be lowered.  Thankfully our neighbor is understanding in these matters and complied nicely. 

Neither of these things though made me any less tired when I woke up this morning.  I made it into work a bit late, but in light of recent events at work, and it being a holiday week, I'm not feeling obligated to go above and beyond to fill out all eight hours exactly.  Go figure.