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mini *yay*

Matt talked to our landlord this morning. She said as long as we can prove the kitty has been fixed and has all it's shots and stuff, she doesn't mind. She was actually a little suprised we even bothered to ask her before we picked one up. So tomorrow, I'm going to call the rescue center and see if Montgomery is still available. If so, we'll see about getting him paid for and picked up soon. If not, we'll arrange to look through the other meezers and see about bringing one home. Either way, I'm going to have my very own fluff-ball soon. That makes me very happy.

I've been messing around with my site today, not much else to do but cleaning around the house. So I updated quite a few links on my page, as well as some other general stuff I've been meaning to do. Also updated the DDTM site, I had a few emails sitting in my inbox, and I felt bad leaving them sit for so long when they all were actually smart enough to meet all the qualifications. However, the past few times I've updated, I've noticed a lot of people with dead sites, or links, or whatever, and I'm thinking about a mass email out to everyone letting them know that I'll be doing some cleanup. If you're in the clique, be prepared for that email in the near future.